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Show truck processions

Truck procession

Alongside the trucks on the track we are running a complete Truck Show with 25 categories and winners' presentations on the main stage.

All entrants will also have the opportunity to join the convoy round the circuit at the end of the event as we try to smash the "world’s longest convoy" world record.

If you would like to enter your truck into the competition, please go to the tickets page for more details.

You will find the full list of categories below.



  • Best owner operator (sole trader) working show truck
  • Best company-owned working show truck
  • Best super truck
  • Judges' choice best working truck in show
  • Best new truck (new to 36 months old)
  • Best senior working truck (over 36 months old)
  • Best semi customised truck
  • Best cab interior
  • Best working fleet truck (minimum 4 trucks)
  • Best SCANIA working truck
  • Best VOLVO working truck
  • Best DAF working truck
  • Best MAN working truck
  • Best IVECO working truck
  • Best MERCEDES working truck
  • Best RENAULT working truck
  • Best of the rest, working truck
  • Best recovery truck
  • Best special type truck
  • Best rigid truck
  • Best light commercial up to 7.5 tonnes
  • Best American show truck
  • Best restored classic non-working truck post-1985
  • Best vintage truck pre-1985
  • Best customised truck